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Having started off the business providing a technical support service to mobility companies and other mobility services in the Algarve, we soon realised that some areas were just not providing customers with a complete service, but rather fulfilling one half of it and then leaving them to chance on the half.
So we slowly took on more services & expanded to the company to who we are today, a business run by an experienced & qualified mobility equipment engineer which supplies a comprehensive range of Quality new & used mobility equipment for sale & also provides full technical support service.  We also provide the Algarve’s largest & most reliable range of mobility equipment for hire.  We have spent a long time carefully choosing various types of equipment which works well & also suits the Algarves climate & conditions.


We now supply and install high quality AFFORDABLE Stair lifts for INTERNAL & EXTERNAL use, which have a very good reliability record in the UK and also within the NHS too. The brand named stairlifts we supply are Meditek stairlifts and Platinum stairlifts, which are names known for reliability and excellent after sales customer service with support lines available 24 hours per day
Our suppliers also supply these same type of lifts to countries such as South Africa,Italy,Turkey,America and Australia.Living proof that these lifts are suitable for HOT climates as all the components especially the rails are expertly treated to withstand intense changes in temperature and rusting.
Our Meditek stair lifts even have an onboard computer to tell you the status of how well your lift is working, fault diagnosis and when the next service is due.


As you get older, it may become more difficult to lift mobility scooters/wheelchairs into and out of car boots.The solution to this, is NOT ramps, NOT changing your car model, but rather to come and talk to us about our very innovative and simple to fit CAR MINI HOISTS which typically only take around 3 hours to install and much less time to uninstall if the need arises.

Orthopedic Furniture

We have now available, all kinds of furniture such as Recliner Chairs (OT approved) to improve your back comfort.Rising and Falling kitchen sink/worktop surfaces.Hospital care beds (OT approved).
All these products have been picked to fully equip you to retain your independence safely, within your own home.
As before,our scooters are scooters which we have tried and personally used as disabled people here in the Algarve, they are very rigid which they need to be to handle the notoriously bumpy  Calsada stone pavements across the Algarve, they are stylish, as we do not pick our products based on which supplier will give us the best price, but rather based on weather we as disabled people would use a scooter like that without compromising our personal pride.
Our Mobility scooters are 100% reliable, with front and back suspension on the bigger models, which is crucial for those with bad backs.As we are official authorised Electric Mobility and TGA dealers (UK household names) parts and accessories are always readily available and after sales warranties are guaranteed.

EXCELLENT RAMP SYSTEMS – We now supply ramp systems which are flexible, soft to push on and can be supplied colour coded to suit your floor colours,they are especially brilliant for internal use, where you would other wise not normally have a ramp due to width and length restrictions and also because concrete does not particularly look nice within a house.We can also use these ramp systems to eleiminate the huge expense of having a wet room built.
Other NEW MOBILITY PRODUCTS – We have other essential mobility aids available too which have been hand picked by us as experts within the mobility aids market, remember we are experts through living with a disability and not just through re-selling products.

How accessible is the Algarve for a wheel chair user?

The Algarve is the southernmost region of Portugal and has been a favourite holiday destination for many northern Europeans, particularly the British, since the 1960s. In fact, during the summer holiday period the population of the Algarve more than doubles due to the influx of tourists! The capital of the Algarve region is the city of Faro, which is also where the regions main airport is located. The landscape of the Algarve is quite hilly, with many rich valleys. However, most of the tourism is focussed around the 155km of south-facing coastline. This coastline is well known for it`s spectacular limestone caves and grottoes, but is most famous for its many beautiful beaches in resorts such as, Albufeira, Vilamoura, Praia da Rocha, Lagos and Armação de Pêra. The Algarve is not only the most southerly western point of Europe but also one of the sunniest, with its Mediterranean climate making it an excellent destination for good weather.

A lot of work has been put into making the Algarve wheelchair accessible in recent years. Faro Airport is set up well for wheelchair passengers and they are always boarded before all other passengers. Within the terminal the toilets are wheelchair accessible and there are lifts to move between floors. For travelling on from the airport (and travelling around in general) the best bet is to hire a specially adapted car, which are available from several car hire companies if you book in advance, as much of the public transport is not set up for wheelchair access.

Generally, when sightseeing, you should find that most buildings are set up to be accessible for wheelchair users, with most having lifts and/or ramps. One of the major attractions of the Algarve are its many beautiful beaches. Although not all will be accessible in a wheelchair there are some that have been made accessible through the installation of boardwalk-style ramps that lead down to the beach. In addition, there are modern cinemas and shopping centres in the Algarve resorts that are fully geared up for disabled visitors. Of the activities that may particular appeal to people in wheelchairs, one is para-karting at the Almancil go-karting track, in which you can race in karts that have specially adapted for the disabled. Another place that is fully accessible for anybody in a wheelchair is the Zoomarine Park, not far inland from Albufeira. This is a marine zoo and aquarium, which is fully accessible for wheelchairs users. The highlight of the park is the dolphin show.

There are several options for accommodation in the Algarve. Although there are several large hotels that have disabled facilities and rooms especially for people in wheelchairs (for example the Aparthotel Vila Petra in Albufeira, the Vila Gale Nautica in Armação de Pêra, the Vila Galé Lagos Hotel and the Marina Club Suite Hotel, both in Lagos), the most comfortable option is probably to stay in a self-catering villa that is suitable for wheelchair user, of which there are many (such as, As Casinhas in Boliqueime and Casa Julia in Almancil) or visit “”>Algarve holiday as this is popular with the British, there are many cheap flights available to Faro from most UK airports.

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