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Electric mobility scooter and wheelchair rental. Delivered anywhere in the Algarve  *All our equipment is regularly serviced & supplied fully charged & ready to go!*.

*Algarve mobility is a registered trade mark*

Heavy Duty Electric scooter

Electric mobility scooters with comfortable seating. Ideal for shopping, long distances and good for tackling steep roads and bumpy cobbled streets.

Range = 20 miles
Ground clearance = 5 inch
Max user weight = 135 kg (300 lbs)
Overall length = 52 inch
Overall width = 24 inch

70 euros per week.

Compact light weight scooter

Can be easily lifted into a small car boot.
Range = 8 miles (dependent on user weight)
Ground clearance = 2.5 inches
Max user weight = 16 stone
Overall length = 98cm
Total weight = 40 Kg                                     

70 euros per week

Liteway 4+ scooter

Robust and stable. Removable battery, Can be easily folded to fit into a medium size car boot.
Range = 8 miles
Ground clearance = 3 inch
Max user weight = 21 stone
Overall length = 104 cm (41 inch)
Total weight = 47.6 Kg (105 Lbs)

70 euros per week.

Sapphire 2 mobility hire Algarve Medium duty transportable scooter

With Removable batteries for off board charging, It can handle most cobbled streets and be folded/dismantled for transport in a medium car boot. Led Lights.

Range = 8 – 14 miles
Max user weight = 25 stone
Overall length = 115 cm
Overall width = 56 cm

70 euros per week.

wheelchair with powerpackWheelchair with Powerpack

Lightweight wheelchair with a removable
battery powered motor. Assistant controlled.

Reduces the need to push. Can be dismantled for transporting .

Max user weight = 115Kg (253 lbs)
60 euros per week


Algarve mobility Rascal P200 electric whellchair

Electric Wheelchairs

We have a range of powered wheelchairs with left or right hand joystick control.
Max speed = 4 mph
Range = 10 -15 miles
Ground clearance = 4 inch (10 cm)
Max user weight = 135Kg (21 stone)
Overall length = 110 cm (43 inch)
Overall width = 61cm (24 inch)

80 euros per week.

Manual wheelchair

Manual self-propelling wheelchair, lightweight with standard seat. Folds up and can fit in the boot of a small car.  Arms also collapse to allow access into small cars.

*Ask about our new motorised drive unit for assistant controlled power*

Width = 16 inches,18 inches
Max user weight = 20 stone (115 Kg)

40 euros per week

Portable Ramps

A strong and lightweight ramp which is very simple to use, store and transport.

These ramps are designed to provide easy access into cars, homes,shops, hotels etc. Simply stretch them out and position for instant use.

40 euros per week

3in1 showerchair hire Algarve

3 in 1 shower chairs

Wheeled shower chair commode can be used as a shower chair, commode & can also be positioned over the toilet for raised seating
Locking castor wheels.

30 euros per week

2 in 1 commode toilet seat raiser

2 in 1 Commode chair

2 in 1 commode and toilet seat raiser.  Comes with collapsable arms.
Fits over most standard toilets. Height adjustable legs.

30 euros per week

Raised Toilet Seats

We have a range of toilet seat raisers designed to assist people with difficulties in sitting down or standing at the toilet. Portable.

30 euros per week

3 Wheel Walker

Walking frame ideal for those with reduced walking mobility to assist with balance and has brakes on both left and right sides for added saftey.

30 euros per week.

4 Wheel Walker

Walking frame ideal for those with reduced walking mobility to assist with balance and conveniantly has a seating pad for use when resting and not walking. Also has brakes on both left and right sides for added saftey.

30 euros per week.

Zimmer Frame/Walker

Has U-shaped frame design to allow user to bring closer to them. Lightweight, foldable & height adjustable.

30 euros per week

Bath Seats.

Various types available, Fit most standard baths with a width of between 26 inch to 28 inch.

30 euros per week

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