Eclipse TGA Ultra Light scooter

Ultra light weight scooter with the option of changing colours i.e. upto 4 different colour panels available.

Light weight Electric mobility scooter with comfortable seating & very easy to dismantle and very light to lift in and out of a small car boot.

Max Speed = 4 mph
Range = 8 miles
Ground clearance = 2.5 inches
Max user weight = 125 Kg
Overall length = 98 cm
Total weight = 38Kg

Price 1390 euros

3 Wheel Electric Mobility scooter (Lightweight)

Very durable and tough lightweight scooter with a complete metal frame hence can withstand rough kerbs and footpaths, especially common in Portugal.

With comfortable seating.  very good indoors, outdoors and for tackling steep roads,  can handle most cobbled streets (small cobbles). Lightweight means it can be easily lifted in and out of a normal small car boot.

Max Speed = 4 mph
Range = 8 miles
Ground clearance = 3 inch
Max user weight = 21 stone
Overall length = 104 cm (41 inch)
Overall width = 56 cm (22 inch)
Total weight = 47.6 Kg (105 Lbs)

Price 1475 euros

4 Wheel Electric Mobility scooter (Liteway 4+)

Durable and tough lightweight scooter with a complete metal frame hence can withstand rough kerbs and footpaths, especially common in Portugal.

With comfortable seating. Ideal for shopping, days out and good for tackling steep roads and can handle most cobbled streets (small cobbles). It can be easily folded & lifted in and out of a normal size car boot.

Max Speed = 4 mph
Range = 8 miles
Ground clearance = 3 inch
Max user weight = 135 kg
Overall length = 104 cm (41 inch)
Overall width = 56 cm (22 inch)
Total weight = 47.6 Kg (105 Lbs)

Price €1675

Rascal TE 850

Heavy duty mobility scooter with comfortable seating and  high power.
Ideal for shopping, long days out and good for tackling steep roads and bumpy cobbled streets.
Also has front and rear shock absorbers and large pneumatic tyres.

Max speed = 8 mph
Range = 20 miles
Ground clearance = 6 inch
Max user weight = 136 kg (300 lbs)
Overall length = 127cm
Overall width = 65 cm

Price 2450 euros

Vecta sport algarve mobility

Heavy Duty ‘Vecta Sport’ scooter

The most advanced and stylish scooters in the world with full suspension featuring double wishbone suspension at the front, and dual shock absorber at the rear utilizing revolutionary technology.
A robust limited slip differential rear wheel drive system propelled by a powerful motor will provide a smooth and comfortable ride.
An easy to use instrument console with delta handles and a battery indicator shows the amount of charge remaining so you will never be caught short.

User weight up to 150 kg 25 stone
Maximum speed up to 8 mph
Pneumatic ‘Run on Flat’ tyres
Handy storage pockets and a handy USB charge point for phones etc
Heavy duty 50 Amp batteries – for a range of approximately 20 miles

Price: 3000 euros.

Breeze 4 TGA SUPER heavy duty scooter

The ultimate scooter for people who dont want to make any compromises in life.

Its all-terrain capability gives you the freedom and the independence to do what you want on your own terms. When you add to that a range of up to 30 miles and a weight capacity of up to 31.4 stone you can easily see why its widely regarded as the best scooter bar none.
It has a highly impressive fully active adjustable suspension on all wheels and sufficient power and rugged ability to take you almost anywhere.
Very high ground clearance
Advanced safety system installed
Probably the most advanced and comfortable scooter on the market
It comes complete with a market leading 3 year parts & labour warranty and the full TGA support service

Price 4399 euros (including IVA/VAT)

Performance heavy duty scooter

If you enjoy the outdoor lifestyle and need a scooter that is powerful,robust and stands out from the crowd then this one is for you.
Built to the highest specification including fully independent front suspension, a powerful 1.9hp motor and stylish 14 inch wheels, it will cope with nearly all types of terrain.

Capable of carrying up to 35 stone in total comfort.
Maximum rider weight = 225kg (500lb)
Battery size =2 x 75 amp
Maximum range= 60km (38 miles)
Ground clearance = 12.5cm(5″)
Maximum speed=12.8kmh (8mph)

Price 3 450 euros (including IVA/VAT)

Standard Electric wheelchair

Max Speed = 4 mph
Range = 20 miles
Ground clearance = 4 inch (10 cm)
Max user weight = 115Kg (253 lbs)
Overall length = 109 cm (43 inch)
Overall width = 61cm (24 inch)

Price 2565 euros (including IVA/VAT)

Wheelchair Power Pack TGA

The Twin Wheel Duo Powerpack attaches to any wheelchair in literally seconds.
Simply walk behind with your thumb on the control and let the Powerpack do all the work for you.
Designed to give that extra traction, if you live in a hilly area or need to tackle slippery slopes or gravel driveways.

Price 825 euros (including IVA/VAT)

Compact seat electric wheelchair

The Rascal 320 Compact is half the size of most powerchairs with the heaviest part weighing only 58lb, making it so easy to take wherever you are going.
The Rascal 320 Compact gives you:
Convenient offboard charging with a quick release battery pack.
Outstanding manoeuvrability indoors and out with a turning circle of only 66cm (26€).Optional extras lightweight padded seat, elevating legrests, swing-away legrests or dual/attendant control.
Overall width 58.4cm (23″)
Maximum rider weight 113.4kg (250lb)
Batteries 2 x 20 amp
Heaviest component 26.3kg (58lb)
Maximum range 20.1km (12.5 miles)
Maximum speed 6.4kph (4mph)
Safe climbing angle 8 degrees

Price 2150 euros (including IVA/VAT)

Bradshaw nursing Care bed

Manufactured with high quality wooden ends, specifically for Community and Nursing Home use.

It combines quick and easy assembly, even within limited spaces, with the profiling capabilities offered by four electric actuators which control backrest, knee-break, height variances and infinitely variable tilt & reverse tilt positioning (Trendelenburg).

It is delivered with a metal slatted mattress platform and wooden side rails, and the bed offers both comfort and ease of use.

The bed has been designed and tested to take a maximum user weight of 180kg (28st).

When the bed is not in use the bed can be disassembled and stored on transport stands enabling safe, and compact storage.

Price 1240 euros

Ambassador (Zero gravity) luxury recliner chair

Recline for relaxation
Lie back and unwind at the touch of a button. The reclining action is so smooth and quiet you will feel more relaxed from the moment you recline.

The ultimate experience
With all the benefits of the MaxiComfort„¢ zero gravity position, the body experiences an absolute minimum of internal and external stresses. Fatigue melts away and the sense of weightlessness promotes a feeling of well-being and total relaxation.

Difficulty in getting up?
It is often difficult to get up as a result of reduced muscular strength and impaired functioning of the joints. The Ambassador makes sitting and standing so much easier with its smooth lift and tilt action.

Are you sitting comfortably?
Feel rested by lowering the back angle. Move the leg rest or back rest independently. When the leg rest is raised on its own the seat base will tilt slightly to maintain the correct seating position.

This outstanding riser-recliner is available in a choice of two fabrics €“ Diamond (five colours) and Brisa (three colours).

*The Brisa fabric is particularly recommended for Portugal as the material has small micro scopic holes to allow the sofa to ‘Breathe’ hence reducing sweating which helps prevent pressure sores.

Price: 1550 euros (including IVA/VAT)

Recliner Chair – Classic

Comfort and a timeless design make the Classic riser-recliner chair at home in any surroundings. Clean, modern styling is combined with high quality upholstery that is comfortably soft and gives plenty of support.
The single motor, three-way action chair offers a smooth lift and tilt action making standing easier.The Classic Cosi Chair offers all you need for an easier lifestyle.
All Classic Models Feature:
Arm rest covers
Removable back rest
Quick-release hand control
Magazine pocket
Battery back-up (power failure)

                                                                               Price: 1200 euros (including IVA/VAT)

lightweight ramp systems

Made to size, and ideal for those wanting movable non-permanent ramps i.e.Villa management companies,hospitality organisers,exhibitors etc.
Ideal also for those who want to be able to use ramps for putting mobility scooters in and out of car boots etc.

The larger vehicle ‘Fitted’ ramps are ideal for making large MPVs or Vans wheelchair accessible.
*Fitted by our fully trained and experienced fitters.

Size:all sizes available

Prices start from 300 euros (including IVA/VAT), depending on ramp.

Mobility scooter/Person hoists

These hoists fit most car makes and fitting takes just a few hours,done by our fully trained and professional fitters.

Prices start from: 1000.00 euros (including IVA/VAT), depending on hoist required.

Quality luxury wheelchair

Manual self-propelled wheelchair, lightweight with CUSHIONED comfortable seat.
width = 16,18 & 20 inch
Max user weight = 20 stone (115 Kg)

Quality lightweight frame with folding down handles to allow to fit in smaller cars, durable and can be folded up to fit in the boot of a small car and comes with TUBED tires & removable wheels.

Also comes with one full year Gaurantee and a little bag fixed to the back rest.And as with all our other equipment, all the parts are always readily available in the event of breakdowns.

Colours – RED & BLUE

Price: 500 euros

Various mobility aids

Contact us if you need to order specialist mobility aids, all from the UK.


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