Algarve Tips on buying Stair Lifts

Buying a stair lift is something most people don’t do very often, so it can be hard to know whether you’re making the right choice. So, before considering buying a stair lift or even selling your house because of a fall or because you cannot climb stairs to go to your bedroom anymore, please ensure you have given the following full consideration:

1) Don’t buy a Stair lift with less than 2 years warranty.

After installation, ensure that the company you have purchased from provide you with all the FULL CERTIFICATION documentation in order to VALIDATE your 2 year warranty.
If a company cannot offer you this level of warranty, then stay away from their lifts.
2) Don’t buy one that isn’t tailor made to suit your home.

Do not be tempted to save money by buying second hand stair lifts, as you may end up having to spend twice.
All Staircases come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s very difficult to find a stair lift that will fit your home perfectly unless it’s made to measure. So always buy a tailor made stair lift.

3) Make sure it comes with a 24 hour call out service.

If a company does not offer you this service, then do not trust the reliability of their lifts as all stair lift companies with reliable products, will always offer this service as they will most certainly know that their product is reliable enough for them not to worry about losing money on free of charge breakdown call outs.

4) Try the Stair lift before you buy.

In order to satisfy yourself with the Comfort, Reliability and ease of operation, you must not buy a stair lift out of a brochure, without physically sitting on that stair lift first in a showroom and using it personally.
And also, it is very important to be measured in order for the Stair lift to be made to suit your physical dimensions too!
5) Only buy a stair lift from an ACCREDITED Distributor.
For peace of mind, ask the stair lift dealer for Accreditation certificates proofing that they are an Authorized Accredited Distributor, as this WILL determine whether the warranty they give you is really a Valid one or not, because some warranties DO NOT cover the product if its outside the country of manufacture, unless the installation is done by their Authorized Accredited Distributor.


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