Question: Am I insured while using the scooter for damage to third parties,scooter and property?

Answer: NOT by Algarve Mobility – You must purchase Personal travel insurance and make sure you inform them that you will be using a mobility scooter abroad, then you will be covered under that. Be aware, no insurance will pay out if you are under the influence of Alcohol/Drugs at time of incident.

Question: Is there an extra charge for delivery?

Answer: Yes – Please see our Delivery & Pickup charges table on our website.

Question: You will deliver the scooter to anywhere in the Algarve?

Answer: Yes we’ll deliver to any accomodation in the Algarve.

Question: Where should I pick up my scooter?

Answer: Our Driver meets you at the hotel reception or villa or other pre-agreed location.

Question: Where should I return my scooter?

Answer: You should return your scooter where you originally picked it up.

Question: I have never used a scooter before can the delivery driver be there when I arrive?

Answer: Yes of course, we as a Company prefer this too, as we pride ourselves on giving a Personalized Service. That means that a person with five years of experience will talk directly to you, and explain everything that you will need to know about the scooter.

Question: What to do in the event of your scooter NOT working?

Answer: You should contact us with any doubts or question about the scooter, all our scooters have labels on them with our telephone number so it is very easy to get a hold of us anytime to get a replacement if needed, but as all our scooters are very well maintained & are reliable brands you should have better peace of mind, compared to when you use other companies that may NOT service their equipment as regularly as we do.

Question: Is there a cancellation fee?

Answer: No –  not if you cancel 48 hrs before the delivery.

Question: How long does the battery last?

Answer: There are some factors to consider first:

  • A. Type of Scooter – As a general rule our car transportable scooters have an 8 mile range. Heavy duty have a 15 to 20 mile range on a full charge.
  • B. Weight of the customer and terrain, bumpy and hilly areas will drain the battery much quicker
  • C. We recommend charging the battery every night.

Question: Which scooter would you recommend me? 

Answer: Things to consider:

  •  If you need to transport your scooter in a car boot or taxi, I would recommend the Ultralight, lightweight 4 or sterling pearl scooters because these are the best standard scooters in the market, these are portable and easily folded and can be easily lifted into a car. They are good for both in and outdoor use and steady on the cobbled streets and have an 8 mile battery range.
  • We also have our medium heavy duty size car transportable scooters. These are sturdier and better with the rougher terrain but will need a larger car and someone reasonably strong to lift it into a car. These have a 15 mile battery range. With front and rear lights.
  •  If you do not need to transport your scooter, I recommend one of our Heavy Duty scooters, these are medium or full sized luxury scooters, great for comfort, speed and battery life. The medium can be used for indoors too and is the perfect all round scooter, but the large luxury is more an OUTDOOR performance scooter. Both have a 20 mile battery range. With front and rear lights and indicators.

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